Not so simple LED switch

Hi projecteers, welcome to my first Phenix Project, this section is for reinventing old Electronic projects with more modern methods and components.

TE issue links

When I was younger I used to buy and endlessly pour over a series of electronic magazines put out by Talking Electrinics. These magazines were a fantastic resource back in the day for learning Electronics and had a lot of great projects and theory. If you get the opportunity go look at the old magazines here. Scroll down till you see the scanned links to the magazines and click on the links:

The first project I am going to reinvent was from Issue-1 and was originally called “LIGHT THE LED”, which apparently takes at least 30 min to solve. If you are into creating discrete electronic projects, or want to make your own circuit board they even include the pcb mask, to use for etching your own boards, the old fashion way 😉 .

This is a cute little brain teaser consisting of 2 switches and one red LED. The aim is to make the LED light up. There is no other indication that you are doing anything correctly till the LED lights up once entering the correct pattern. The circuit used a 4017 decade counter. The 4017 has 10 outputs one for each count, and sequentially change with each clock pulse.

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