Tutorial 1: Install Arduino IDE in Windows 7

Gday project-teers and welcome to my first tutorial, which covers installing the Arduino IDE required to program the Arduino and clone boards easily. I will be covering the use of the IDE in a lot more detail in further projects and tutorials.

The first thing we need to do is to download the IDE. So head over to http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software and download the IDE software from the “Download the Arduino IDE” section. Note there are 2 versions, one that can be used online and we will use the offline version which will need installing.

Once the downloaded file has finished downloaded then run it. This will start the installation process.

Follow through the installation and refer to the install video if you get stuck. Make sure to accept the installation of the drivers as the permission box pops up.

In order to use the uno board with windows a driver will need to be installed, I was using windows 7 and I needed to install the driver. However the drivers should automatically install on a windows 10 machine.

As I was not using a genuine Arduino board I had to download and install the CH340 driver which you can obtain by searching for it in google or use the one I downloaded at https://sparks.gogo.co.nz/ch340.html

Once installed remove the Arduino board and plug it back in again, and if you check in device manager you should see the CH340 and the port number. If you then re-run the IDE you should be able to find the same port number appear in Tools-Port from the menu.

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