Electronic Dice

Project Brief:

To create an electronic Dice using an 8×8 matrix display and the dice needs to run on batteries and roll a number when shaken


Use an Arduino mini pro to control the 8×8 matrix. Use a mercury switch to detect the shake. House in a smallish box running on 3x AAA batteries


  • 1 x Arduino mini pro
  • 8×8 Max2719 LED display
  • Mercury tilt Switch
  • battery holder and 3x AAA batteries
  • USB to TTL program adapter
  • wires

The Build:

  1. Start by soldering wires onto the mcu board
    • Solder the 5 wires for the LED display and attach them
      • Vcc to +5volt on Arduino
      • Gnd to gnd on Arduino
      • Din to pin 12
      • CS to pin 10
      • CLK to pin 11
  2. Glue the battery holder to the lid
  3. Glue in the 8×8 matrix to the bottom of the transparent box
  4. Solder 2 wires onto the mercury tilt switch
  5. Solder the tilt switch wires to RESET and GND on the Arduino
  6. Glue the tilt switch to the case so it is normally open when face up
  7. Attach the USB to TTL Programmer
    • Short CTS to ground on the Arduino if the Programmer has no CTS pin
    • Download the program which can be found below or here
  8. Glue the battery wires to Vcc and Gnd
  9. Put three AAA batteries in the holder
  10. Put on the lid and enjoy


This was a very easy and quick fun project to do. I am very happy with the results of the software and using the 8×8 display, however I was not so happy with the glue and would probably use more of a super glue next time.

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